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Table 2 Assertions about subluxation made by several brand-name technique organizations of chiropractic

From: Subluxation: dogma or science?

...The mirror image adjustment resets the proprioceptive reflexes, inhibits the nocioceptive impulses and corrects the abnormal loading setting up the subluxation. In so doing, the reflex response of vasoconstriction to the viscera is removed and improved vascular tone to the smooth muscle, cardiac muscle and glands, results. The history of chiropractic success with patients experiencing such conditions as asthma, angina, visual disturbances, and other visceral conditions, is now clearly understood [57]
...D.N.F.T. utilizes a diagnostic system for subluxation analysis consisting of gentle challenging and a unique leg check. This testing allows the body itself to indicate the directions of misalignment of structures that are producing nerve interference. A gentle but directionally specific thumb impulse provides a long lasting correction to bony and soft tissue structures. D.N.F.T. is able to achieve structural corrections without torqueing, strong thrusts, and associated articular sounds that are often associated with traditional chiropractic...
The goals of Directional Non-Force Technique are very much in line with the roots of traditional chiropractic: analyze and correct subluxations wherever they occur in the body, and allow the body to heal itself. Subluxations, as defined in Directional Non-Force Technique, are misalignments of tissue, osseous or soft, which result in nerve interference... [58].
...Minor displacements of the spinal bones, known as vertebral subluxations, can cause endangering stress to the spinal cord which acts as the main line of intelligence for the whole body. These displacements, or subluxations, are the cause of many of the unwanted health conditions that people suffer from every day. Although there have been many valuable techniques that have been developed in the chiropractic profession, the Gonstead System is considered a "gold standard" for chiropractic techniques because of its record of safety and effectiveness in correcting vertebral subluxation... [59].
...When the spinal column is in proper alignment, the "Brain Stem" can pass unimpinged through this foramen. But when one or both of the top two vertebrae become misaligned, the "Brain Stem" is impinged and normal nerve supply is reduced to parts of the body served by that nerve tract, hence sickness and disease... [60].