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Table 6 Common diagnoses used to explain back symptoms

From: Is obesity a risk factor for low back pain? An example of using the evidence to answer a clinical question

Annular tear Adult spondylolysis Myofascitis
Fibromyalgia Disc syndrome Strain
Spondylosis Lumbar disc disease Facet syndrome
Degenerative joint disease Sprain Spinal OA
Disc derangement/disruption   Dislocation
  *Other potential causes of low back pain symptomology
Failed Back Surgery Syndrome* Osteoporosis*
Urinary tract infection* Compression fracture*
Somato-visceral mimicry syndrome*  
Organic pathology (tumor, rheumatoid, endometriosis, arthritic disorders)*
Leg length inequity*   Sacro-iliac dysfunction*
Hip disorder*   
  **Disagreement in research as cause of low back symptomology
Morbid obesity?**   
  1. OA = osteoarthritis