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Table 1 Critical appraisal questions for Applied Kinesiology (AK)

From: Disentangling manual muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology: critique and reinterpretation of a literature review

Literature review
1. Were clear clinical questions identified and answered?
2. Were clear and appropriate inclusion/exclusion criteria identified and followed?
3. Was a thorough literature search conducted that retrieved all the pertinent literature?
4. Was an appropriate literature synthesis method identified and properly applied?
5. Was the literature interpreted properly?
6. Were the authors conclusions correct?
Measurement evaluation (test usefulness)
1. Was the reliability of AK diagnostic procedures determined to be adequate?
2. Was the construct validity of AK procedures identified?
3. Was the sensitivity and specificity or likelihood ratios of AK diagnostics for the identification of clinical procedures shown to be adequate?
4. Was the clinical utility of AK diagnostic procedures evaluated?
5. Was the efficacy of AK diagnostic procedures determined?