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Table 6 Summary table for papers examining specific settings.

From: Chiropractic and CAM Utilization: A Descriptive Review

Name Ref Design N/Np; setting Main Results
Cuellar 119 Descriptive comparative study 183; African American and Caucasian elderly in rural settings. Most common forms of CAM used were prayer, vitamins, exercise, meditation and chiropractic; there was difference in chiropractic use between African Americans (7.5%) and Caucasians (19%).
Keegan 122 Descriptive study 213; Mexican Americans in the TX Rio Grande Valley Most common forms of CAM used included herbs (44%), prayer (29.5%), massage (28.3%), relaxation (22.5%) and chiropractic (19%).
Sirois 123 Self-selected patient questionnaire 199; CAM and Cm patients CAM patients had the most health problems, but sought care for more non-life-threatening diseases; they also sought care more for LBP (61%) compared to the CM group (19%).
Harris 127 Systematic review 12 studies included; general population CAM use in the US is growing and is being used by a greater proportion of the population.
Adams 128 Mail survey 42,000+; Australian women who consult alternative health practitioners CAM users had poorer health status than non-CAM users, had lower levels of physical conditioning, and made more visits to GPs.