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Table 5 Improvement of research efforts*

From: A survey of chiropractors practicing in Germany: practice characteristics, professional reading habits, and attitudes and perceptions toward research

• Acceptance of chiropractic in the health system (Germany only)
• Carefully position ourselves into a position of demand before jumping into Ins.
• 3rd party payers
• Educating the public about chiropractic
• First, chiropractic in Germany needs to be recognized before resources (time, effort, money) can be allocated to research.
• First, chiropractic should be a protected profession before we put effort in research because the results will be mixed with therapists who do chiropractic but are not allowed to.
• Start changing minds through information: "health comes from within" needs to be reinforced
• More practitioners in Germany (too few)
• Organize the profession
• A coordinated center with true PhD researchers working with Chiropractors
• Establish a European/German researching body/organization.
• Get Universities involved
• Set up a chiropractic school working with medical researchers
• Support of scientists by the national associations
• Work close together with other practitioners outside & within our practices to further our knowledge
• Greater exchange of information and experience between DC's
• Raising an obligatory contribution by national associations of their individual members together with the membership dues
• Evaluating chiropractic care for musculoskeletal problems
• Evaluating chiropractic care in general
• More manuscripts published by German chiropractors for specific musculoskeletal conditions
• Ongoing access (only for chiros) by website as to the progress of projects.
• Suggest input parameters before projects from field doctors.
• Teach research methodology in a seminar
• The colleges must educate students to do research – it takes people who are interested and capable to conduct meaningful research
• More money
• Comparison between Chiropractic Care & Medical care for Musculoskeletal conditions
• DC successes in comparison to other health professions in general
• Distance ourselves from resembling what medicine does
• Distinguish ourselves for where our best contribution is (a Chiropractic Adjustment)
• To show the difference in treatments between Chiropractors vs. Manual Therapists vs. Osteopaths vs. Physios
• German Journals
• Have studies translated in to German
• More manuscripts published by German chiropractors for specific musculoskeletal conditions
• More publishings in German magazines, etc. of efficacy of chiropractic care for musculoskeletal conditions
• Talk with other chiropractors about experiences and put them together in a paper
Other comments
• Form a school
• Information
• Support
• Think as a profession and not as individuals
• I do not think that research should be a priority in Germany at this point
• Don't know
• n/a
• ?
  1. *Survey Question 41: In your opinion, what should be done to increase research efforts by the profession in Europe, and specifically in Germany?