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Table 6 Most pressing issues in Germany*

From: A survey of chiropractors practicing in Germany: practice characteristics, professional reading habits, and attitudes and perceptions toward research

• A school and official licensure
• 3rd party payers
• Chiropractic licensing law
• Chiropractors must practice under Heilpraktiker license and compete with chiropraktikers (heilpraktikers) plus MD's who are allowed to practice "chirotherapy."
• Differentiate between other manipulative therapists
• Governmental recognition
• Laws providing protection/recognition
• Legislation – clear defined handbook
• Official acknowledgement of the profession
• Only chiropractors should be allowed to do chiropractic therapy
• Recognition
• Recognition from other health care professions
• To be accepted as a profession other than heilpraktikers
• To protect the name/title of chiropractor
• To establish it as its own profession and to regulate chiropractic
• Legal recognition
• Chiropractic being taught in seminars to non-chiro students
• Professional education
• Bad press
• Demand by the needing public – education and not jumping emotionally toward medically "acceptable" manipulative therapy
• Identity
• Patient Education.
• Public information/education about the profession
• Raise awareness
• A coordinated center with true PhD researchers working with Chiropractors.
• Evaluating Chiropractic care in general
• Show that multiple adjustments are not creating hyper-mobility
• Side effects of chiropractic treatment efficacy
• Strokes
  1. *Survey Question 42: In your opinion, what is currently the most pressing issue for the chiropractic profession in Germany?