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Table 1 Inclusion and Exclusion criteria for participants

From: The effectiveness of ENAR®for the treatment of chronic neck pain in Australian adults: a preliminary single-blind, randomised controlled trial

Adults from the geographically local population surrounding Sydney, Australia.
Aged between 18 and 50 years.
Chronic neck pain of a minimum 6 weeks duration.
Assessed as non-complicated neck pain, i.e. no sign or symptom implying cervical spine discogenic disease or radiculopathy.
Suspicion of relevant Red Flag Conditions such as; Spinal fractures, Osseous and Cartilaginous infections, Inflammatory Arthritic conditions, and Malignancy.
Yellow Flag Conditions such as; Non-finalised Workers Compensation or Third Party Insurance Claim, Any other non-finalised compensatory litigation.
WAD grade 1–4 whiplash injury within the last six months.
Presence of significant vascular disease.
Severe or acute relapse of neck pain within the last three months.
Motor vehicle accident, serious falls or any other accident requiring medical/hospital treatment within the last three months.
Current neurological signs, symptoms or syndromes, e.g. muscle wasting or nerve root signs, epilepsy or paraplegia.
Pregnancy or likelihood of pregnancy within the trial period.
Spinal or orthopaedic surgery within the past two years.
Bowel, or bladder/sexual dysfunction as a result of either lumbar spine or prostate dysfunction
Currently undergoing a course of manual therapy or psychological intervention.
Participants not prepared to attend 12 treatment sessions within the first six weeks and a further three assessment sessions over the next 18 weeks.