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Table 2 The regions/joints managed with joint based therapy

From: A descriptive study of a manual therapy intervention within a randomised controlled trial for hamstring and lower limb injury prevention

Region Definition
Foot All joints distal to the talocrural joint
Ankle The talocalcaneal, talonavicular, talo-crural and distal tibial-fibular joints
Knee The patellar-femoral articulation, tibial-femoral articulation and the proximal tibial-fibular joint
Hip The femoral-acetabular articulation
Sacroiliac joint The sacroiliac articulation
Pubic symphysis The public symphysis
Lumbar The articulation of the 5 lumbar vertebrae and lumbo-sacral joint
Thoracic The articulation of the 12 thoracic vertebrae
Cervical The articulation of the 7 cervical vertebrae and the skull
TMJ The temporomandibular joint articulations
Ribs The vertebral-costal articulations posteriorly
Shoulder The gleno-humeral joint, scapulothoracic articulation and acromioclavicualr joint
Chest The manubrio-sternal joint, sternal-costal joint, costal-chondral joints and sternal-clavicular joint
Elbow The ulnar-humeral articulation and the proximal radio-ulnar joint
Wrist The radiocarpal joint, distal radio-ulnar joint and intercarpal joints
Hand All joints distal to the wrist
  1. * Soft tissue structures were defined as surrounding the involved joint as viewed from the anterior, medial, posterior and lateral aspect.