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Table 2 Coding tree for written comments recorded in surveys

From: Attitudes towards chiropractic: an analysis of written comments from a survey of north american orthopaedic surgeons

Themes   Sub-themes (n) Number of Endorsements
Variability amongst chiropractors 0 No distinct sub-themes were identified 55
Areas where chiropractic is perceived as effective 4 Mechanical low back pain 16
   Musculoskeletal disorders 16
   Non-surgical injuries 8
   Spinal complaints 3
Concerns with chiropractic treatment 6 Chiropractic care is of marginal or no benefit 13
   Non-musculoskeletal complaints 12
   Serious adverse events 11
   General medical care 8
   Non-spinal complaints 7
   Structural scoliosis 3
Patient Interaction 4 Chiropractic terminology is misleading 17
   Chiropractors make false or exaggerated claims 13
   Chiropractors spend considerable time with patients 6
Chiropractic training 2 Chiropractors are poorly trained 10
   Other therapists can provide spinal manipulation 8
Unethical Behavior 4 Chiropractors treat excessively 18
   Chiropractors are overly financially motivated 15
   General ethical concerns 5
   Chiropractic requires stronger regulatory oversight 5
Scientific basis of chiropractic 2 Chiropractic is unscientific 20
   More chiropractic research is needed 6
Personal experiences with chiropractic 3 Positive experiences 13
   Negative experiences 4
   Uncertainty as to the role of chiropractic 4