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Table 2 Percentage of agreement with AGREE domains in regard to the final draft

From: Creating European guidelines for Chiropractic Incident Reporting and Learning Systems (CIRLS): relevance and structure

Standardised Domain ScoreI. (EG-CIRLS) Max possible score Min possible score Obtained score Percentage of agreement
Domain 1:
Scope and purpose
60 15 45 67%
Domain 2:
Stakeholder involvement
80 20 48 47%II.
Domain 3:
Rigour of development
120 30 89 66%III.
Domain 4:
Clarity and presentation
60 15 49 76%
Domain 5:
50 10 10 0%IV.
Domain 6:
Editorial independence
40 10 40 100%
  1. I. Was calculated by summing up all of the scores of the individual items (4 point Likert scale) in a domain and by standardising the total as a percentage of the maximum possible score for that domain; II. The domain "Stakeholder involvement" had been rated in advance of guidelines review by the European Patient Organisations (Additional file 2); III. Based on a previous literature review of a PhD thesis written at the University of Portsmouth. The method, used for formulating the recommendations, was developed through consensus by all members of the EG-CIRLS steering group at a meeting in Frankfurt in 2009; IV. The group discussed the domain Applicability. Potential organisational barriers and costs in applying the recommendations, as well as review and control criteria and/or audit purposes were considered. This item was judged as either being 'not applicable' or as 'strongly disagree'.