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Table 6 Effects of SMT on hip flexion range of motion

From: The effect of spinal manipulative therapy on spinal range of motion: a systematic literature review

Author Quality score /100 Treatment and control activity (sham, other or nothing) Pre-test ROM in degrees relative to vertical plane Post-test ROM in degrees relative to vertical plane Changes in % Summarized results given by authors Were the differences in outcome tested between groups and were they significant?
Pollard[48] 33 - Sacroiliac manipulation (n=18) - Sham=mastoid pressure (n=16) 62.22 (2.40) 67.06 (3.23) 60.06 (2.22) 66.37 (3.21) 3.47 1.03 A single manipulation of the sacroiliac joint did not significantly affect hip ROM. Yes and no