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Table 1 Errors or Omissions to 2007 Ernst paper

From: A replication of the study ‘Adverse effects of spinal manipulation: a systematic review’

Author Presenting symptoms Outcome Comments Error or omission
Jeret Not noted Complete resolution Dural tear vs IH inconsistency  
Siegel HA- several weeks, no IHS categories noted; Permanent Letter to the editor  
Parwar Shoulder strain Horner’s syndrome; no further neurologic abnormalities developed 9 previous, uneventful treatments noted as male; outcome “not reported“
Schram Neck pain and stiffness after sleeping on sofa Shortness of breath on exertion and breathing in the supine position NB ref 12 notes stretch trauma; Residual dyspnea
Stevinson Unknown Complete resolution after surgery Subdural haematoma; Recall cases over 12mths  
Jeret Neck pain, OCP Complete resolution   
  Unknown Flow re-established after recanulization   Outcome “not mentioned”
  Unknown Horner’s syndrome (opposite side) after 2 weeks hospital new Horner’s syndrome “significant recovery after surgery”
Jay 4 day HA, fever, cough, sinusitis, antibiotics Complete resolution Polycysytic ovarian disease Outcome “not mentioned”
Nadgir Neck cramping Minimal residual hemianasthesia and dysethesiae B/L ICA & VAD “residual hemianasthesia and dysethesiae”
Non chiropractic     
Se’dat Chronic headaches, anti-inflam and pain medication Positive outcome after 3 weeks Genetic variation “mild” removed from outcome statement
Beck Unknown Complete resolution confirmed by MRI IH but reported as Wallenberg’s syndrome, “no information provided”; not Wallenberg’s syndrome
Oehler Unknown, past HA Resolution 10yrs chiro and HA Outcome “not mentioned”
Morandi CLBP, aggravated by heavy lifting Permanent neuro loss CLBP with acute episode Noted as 44 yo,
Saxler   Complete resolution no translation  
Chen Neck pain- relieved by chiropractor   Haematoma after massage Massage therapy
Suh Chronic neck and shoulder pain) Complete resolution IH Reported as 36 yo female
Abstract only     
Yokota Unknown Dejerine syndrome no translation  
Izquierdo-Casas Unknown   no translation  
Menendez-Gonzalez Unknown Wallenberg’s syndrome, no translation  
Tome Unknown Multiple cervical disc lesions no translation  
Wojcik   Publication withdrawn