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Table 3 Features And Outcomes Of Cases

From: A replication of the study ‘Adverse effects of spinal manipulation: a systematic review’

Author Patient Presenting symptoms SMT Procedure Time after SMT for onset of symptoms Additional information
Jeret 34 yo male Not noted Not noted 36 hrs after Recent MVA
Siegel 33 yo female HA- several weeks, no IHS categories noted; HVLA immediate  
Parwar 44yo female Shoulder strain Not noted Several days 9 previous CSMT without incident
Schram 47yo male Neck pain and stiffness after sleeping on sofa Shoulders forced down and turning head laterally Later at night; initial relief by SMT Neck position whilst sleeping
Stevinson 46yo male Unknown Unknown immediate Subdural haematoma from previous unreported trauma
Jeret 31yo female Neck pain, Rapid rotation immediate Complication from OCP
  64 yo male Unknown Gentle SMT (daughter DC) 4 days Age related CVA
  51 yo male Unknown rotation 2-3 days  
Jay 26 yo female 4 day HA, fever, cough, sinusitis, antibiotics 20 previous DC treatments-not described 36hrs Complication from inflammatory response
Nadgir 34 yo male Neck cramping Several previous sessions, not described Immediate, but symptoms not described Neck cramping a symptom of impending CVA
Non chiropractic      
Se’dat 42 yo female Chronic headaches, anti-inflammatory and pain medications Gentle SMT immediate Complication from inflammatory response, Un-registered practitioner
Beck 40 yo female Unknown Axial tension and rotation- (Cyriax manoeuver) 24 hrs Not chiropractic SMT
Oehler 31 yo female Unknown, past HA Unknown, previous regular chiropractic Minimum of 24 hrs Un-registered practitioner
Morandi 49 yo female CLBP, aggravated by heavy lifting Physician Few hours Not chiropractic SMT
Saxler 27 yo female   C5/6 SMT, facet joint infiltration 10 min Not chiropractic SMT
Chen 72 yo male Neck pain- relieved by chiropractor Massage therapy 1 week, symptoms began after hospital treatment Not chiropractic SMT
Suh 37 yo female Chronic neck and shoulder pain) Cyriax treatment (reported as “chiropractic manoeuver”) 5 days Not chiropractic SMT
Abstract only    probably not chiropractic   
Yokota 38 yo male Unknown Unknown Unknown Un-registered practitioner
Izquierdo-Casas 37 yo female Unknown Unknown Unknown Un-registered practitioner
Menendez-Gonzalez Not noted Unknown Not noted A few hours Un-registered practitioner
Tome Not noted Unknown “non qualified personnel” Unknown Un-registered practitioner
  1. Key: IH = intracranial hypotension; HVLA = high velocity, low amplitude; OCP = oral contraceptive pill; HA = headache; IHS = international headache society; B/L = bilateral; CVA = internal carotid artery; VAD = vertebral artery dissection; CLBP = chronic low back pain; SMT = spinal manipulative therapy.