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Table 1 Patients’ comments about the reception

From: Contemporary chiropractic practice in the UK: a field study of a chiropractor and his patients in a suburban chiropractic clinic

Name andAge Patient’s comment with regard to the reception:
Vera, 46 “I didn’t know what to expect or as you say I hadn’t been to a chiropractor. It’s a very nice environment, very calm and friendly….I only know [Ken], [chiropractor], I never had any treatment through anyone else….The receptionists are friendly, good…Good environment.
Ron, 30 “It’s fairly relaxed. It’s not a clinical atmosphere….You’d probably liken it to a dental practice rather (than a) hospital environment. So, it, yeah, it’s fairly relaxed.
Pat, 26 “It looks something like a surgery because you have a reception that you need to sign into and then chairs there……and I had to sign some papers and had some general chit chat with the receptionist…. I felt quite relaxed….And quite warm colours and….the sun was shining and lots of light coming in and…there’s magazines to read. It just relaxes you before.