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Table 2 The reasons behind the patients’ seeking a consultation with Ken the chiropractor

From: Contemporary chiropractic practice in the UK: a field study of a chiropractor and his patients in a suburban chiropractic clinic

Name andAge Reply to the Question: “How did you end up consulting Ken the chiropractor?”
Tanya, 54 “I just knew that General Practitioners are not very good with bones and joints and muscles so…I can’t remember how I found out about Ken….I think somebody recommended him but I can’t remember exactly how now.
Uma, 60 “I’ve been to different things…I have tried one or two different things and I was talking to a neighbour and (she) recommended me to this clinic.
Clare, 27 (Clare had suffered from headaches and seen her G.P. who had recommended her to see a chiropractor)
  “The doctor said…The pain in my head was coming from my neck and a friend referred me.
Vera, 46 (Vera was recommended by a colleague at work who was himself a patient of Ken’s) “Well, probably you noticed that I knew the gentleman in the waiting room…Ken is quite well known in our office and it was just a recommendation by somebody to come here. And it has sort of spread around the office. Most people (who) have got problems or need to see a chiropractor come here.
Nadine, 28 Bjorn: .Did someone recommend you…?
Nadine: No, just in the phone book, the yellow pages….And just sort of rang up here…
B: OK. Have you been to a chiropractor before?
N: No.
B: So how did you know you had to go to a chiropractor…?
  N: Because my mother goes to a chiropractor….
Pat, 26 “I just spoke to my partner….He was fed up of seeing me clicked all the time so he said go and see someone about it, so I just did a search on the web. Chiropractors in *******. This clinic came up and then I asked around if anybody came here or if they could recommend….And a friend of mine had gone to a clinic in ***** and said that he was really good, that she (had) only one treatment and then she was really happy, so I booked an appointment.
Sid, 46 “It came through my aunt. She goes horse riding and she gets problems with her back and she said…Well, I use a chiropractor in *****, near where she used to live. So, I thought it’s as good as any, I’ll go there.
Irene, 55 “My husband has a slipped disc.…So we were recommended by a friend to see Ken when he worked in *********. When he did so well with my husband, because he sort of hobbled in and actually walked out, I thought oh well perhaps it’s worth having my back checked…So ever since then I have been coming to see Ken.
Ron, 30 “I live locally. Drove past this place a number of times and, speaking to Ken through the initial consultation I just thought it would be the best way to go.
Joanne, 35 “I was having low back pain and it was getting increasingly worse…it was affecting my daily mobility. G.P.’s aren’t very good at stuff like that so I thought I’d seek an alternative treatment…. I passed daily on my way to and from work and I thought I would give him a try.