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Table 4 Patients’ concerns

From: Contemporary chiropractic practice in the UK: a field study of a chiropractor and his patients in a suburban chiropractic clinic

Name andAge Reply to the question: “Were or are you concerned or anxious during consultations and treatment?”
Warren, 45 Warren: …What I like about Ken as well is that he’s very….What’s the word?…I’m a big guy and I am quite sort of cautious of who I take my shirt off in front of but my wife has come, and he is very sort of….I can’t think of the word…Very professional and it’s a case of…
Bjorn: Respectful?
W: Absolutely, yeah. Here’s a gown for you and he’s out of the room. Not so much for me because I mean I just… get on with it…
B: Yes.
  W: …But for like…He said to come in with the wife and so that she didn’t feel like, you know what I mean….…So he was very respectful in that way.
Ron, 30 Ron: So…so yeah, there is, I think, for a lot of people there is the embarrassment factor as well.
Bjorn: Was that OK with you?
  R: Yeah, it was OK with me…I think sometimes if you are dealing with another male it puts you at ease a little bit….I think if you may be dealing with a female [chiropractor] then you may have in the back of your mind that you are a bit conscious about sort of taking your clothes off and things.
Pat, 26 (Pat was anxious about undressing and the amount of physical touch. In addition to this she was concerned about the manipulative treatment of the neck). “Yeah, I was anxious….just because I didn’t really know what needed to be done, you know. Just understanding it, or telling me to strip off…how much you need to touch me and things so …All that was completely new…but Ken reassured me and explained step by step what he was going to do and I was a bit concerned when I was lying down…He’s just gonna click my neck. But he gave it 2 or 3 minutes, you know, explaining what he was doing…….This is going to be loud because it’s close to your ear, and really telling exactly what was coming up.
Vera, 46 (Vera had reacted to the imposing appearance of the treatment table). “I think, initially, that the beds were a bit…daunting…and you do worry how…well I don’t know, because I am quite confident and I am more relaxed with Ken. But you feel….I felt quite embarrassed perhaps, like moving around…The gown thing and initially. I don’t have a problem with that at all now.