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Table 1 USPSTF screening and counseling recommendations rated A or B*

From: A framework for chiropractic training in clinical preventive services

Screening Within scope in most states?1   Relevant course(s)
Abdominal aortic aneurysm (ultrasound) no physical diagnosis
Alcohol misuse yes public health/psychology
Breast cancer (mammography) no radiology/obstetrics/gynecology
Cervical cancer no obstetrics/gynecology
Colorectal cancer yes physical diagnosis
Depression2 yes psychology
Diabetes (Type 2) yes physical diagnosis
Hearing loss yes physical diagnosis/pediatrics
Hypertension yes physical diagnosis
Iron deficiency anemia yes nutrition
Obesity yes nutrition
Osteoporosis yes nutrition/geriatrics
Tobacco use yes pathology/public health
Lipid disorders yes nutrition
Vision yes physical diagnosis
Counseling /interventions
Alcohol misuse yes public health/psychology
Aspirin for CVD prevention3 no physiology/clinical decision-making
Breastfeeding yes obstetrics/gynecology/pediatrics
Folic acid supplement yes nutrition
Iron deficiency anemia supplement yes nutrition
Obesity weight management4 yes nutrition/psychology
Tobacco use intervention yes public health/psychology
  1. * Source: USPSTF, Guide to Clinical Preventive Services[2]. Recommendations on screening and counseling for infectious diseases are not included.
  2. 1 If “no,” training should be included in order to enable appropriate referrals.
  3. 2 Only if there are systems in place for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.
  4. 3 Only if benefits outweigh harm.
  5. 4 Intensive behavioral intervention to facilitate sustained weight loss.