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Table 4 Meta-competency 3: health promotion and disease prevention*

From: A framework for chiropractic training in clinical preventive services

Required components

Identify areas for health improvement (that is, screen for disease and risk factors)


Address appropriate hygiene (that is, advise on health behavior)


Coordinate strategies with other providers.


Identify public health issues relevant to patients


Document management of health risks.


Explain health risk factors to patients.


Provide recommendations on patients’ health status, behavior and lifestyle.


Recommend/provide resources and instruction to assist health behavior change.


Recommend dietary approaches to restore, maintain or improve patient’s health.


Implement appropriate hygiene practices in the clinical environment.


Communicate strategies to other treating providers.

  1. *Source: Council on Chiropractic Education. Accreditation Standards, Principles, Processes & Requirements for Accreditation. Scottsdale, AZ; 2013.