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Table 2 Essential literature for the chiropractic profession: articles submitted, number of recommendations and justification, Google scholar citation frequency, and accessibility

From: Essential literature for the chiropractic profession: a survey of chiropractic research leaders

Citation Survey votes Google scholar citations Open access available Recommendation quote
Bronfort G, et al [35] 6 134 PMC “This is the most comprehensive systematic review of the literature pertinent to DCs for both musculoskeletal (MSK) and non-MSK conditions.”
Pickar JG [36] 2 183 Purchase Un/author “provides evidence based scientific rationale for the effects of spinal manipulation.”
Cassidy JD, et al [37] 2 174 PMC “This presents the best evidence about the risk of stroke after cervical manipulation.”
Walker BF, et al [38] 2 32 Purchase “This systematic review shows that usual chiropractic care is as effective as many other therapies for acute or sub acute low back pain.”
Ianuzzi A, et al [39] 2 24 PMC “An important paper for mechanisms of action of spinal manipulation.” “Demonstrated intrinsic biomechanical safety of lumbar spinal manipulation.”
Murphy DR, et al [8] 2 6 Journal “This article outlines the need for a primary spine care clinician in the health care system, and highlights the qualifications of DCs to fill this niche.”
Chou R, et al [40] 1 753 Journal “Excellent summary of 7 recommendations related to the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain.”
Childs JD, et al [41] 1 435 Journal “…published by PTs and is cited as the first clinical prediction rule (CPR) for spinal manipulation. Although as DCs we feel “underwhelmed” by the simplistic nature of this CPR, we must recognize that this paper has catapulted the PT profession’s image within the spine care world.”
Chou R, et al [42] 1 389 Journal “clinical practice guidelines for primary care physicians for treatment of low back pain that includes spinal manipulation”
UK BEAM Trial Team [43] 1 245 PMC “largest effectiveness trial to date of benefits of spinal manipulation for low back pain”
Senstad O, et al [44] 1 209 Purchase “Chiropractors need to know that there are side effects to SMT and that not all patients have a positive experience or outcome.”
Hurwitz EL, et al [45] 1 207 Purchase Un/author “The authors assess the evidence base for spinal manipulation and other conservative therapies for the treatment of neck-related disorders.”
Nelson CF, et al [46] 1 154 Purchase “showed long term benefits of manipulation over most commonly used medication for migraine headaches.”
Olafsdottir E, et al [47] 1 141 Journal “This paper demonstrates that the benefit of chiropractic for infantile colic is the same as a placebo.”
Skyba DA, et al [48] 1 88 PMC “This paper presents the best neurophysiological evidence regarding post manipulative analgesia.”
Haldeman S, et al [49] 1 79 PMC “good summary of status of neck pain research relevant to chiropractors; would recommend all papers in that series”
Dagenais S, et al [50] 1 76 Purchase Un/author “important to understand the current evidence and its implication for practice.”
Legorreta AP, et al [51] 1 59 Journal “excellent paper assessing cost benefits to chiropractic care”
Cramer GD, et al [52] 1 56 Purchase Un/author “mechanisms of action of spinal manipulation”
Haas M, et al [53] 1 50 Purchase Un/author “Dose studies of manipulation are extremely important. This one showing that more care [is] better than less…”
Carroll LJ, et al [54] 1 44 PMC “The authors assess the evidence base for spinal manipulation and other conservative therapies for the treatment of neck-related disorders.”
Bogduk N, et al [55] 1 37 No online access “This would give chiropractors a clear insight into and synthesis of the evidence available for the treatment and management of neck pain”
Pickar JG, et al [56] 1 37 Purchase “important paper for mechanism of action of spinal manipulation”
Haas M, et al [57] 1 34 Purchase Un/author “provides evidence that the frequency of effective manipulative care may not be what is generally thought in clinical practice”
Reggars JW, et al [58] 1 33 Purchase “it demonstrates which joints cavitate in the neck when the head is rotated left or right.”
Murphy DR, et al [59] 1 32 Journal “This paper is the first in a series to present a rationale for and the details of a rational evidence based approach to the management of patients with spinal pain.”
Bishop PB, et al [60] 1 27 Purchase Un/author “demonstrates practical application of EBM to clinical care”
Little JS, et al [61] 1 26 Purchase “demonstrated that vertebral motion unit fixation (aka subluxation) creates abnormal facet joint capsule strain patterns”
Pickar JG, et al [62] 1 23 PMC “demonstrated [that] spinal manipulation induces paraspinal muscle afferent response”
Herzog W [63] 1 19 Purchase Un/author “reviews the current evidence related to adjusting”
Haas M, et al [30] 1 18 Purchase “provides a historical summary”
Murphy DR, et al [59] 1 15 Journal “2nd in the series by Murphy et al. that presents the evidence for the model presented earlier on a chiropractic management approach to spinal pain”
Ianuzzi A, et al [64] 1 14 Purchase “determined unique biomechanics created by spinal manipulation”
Hartman SE [65] 1 13 PMC Journal “helps explain why our belief in clinical effectiveness may not jibe with the research”
Henderson CN, et al [66] 1 13 Purchase Un/author “establishes animal model for studying mechanisms of action of spinal manipulation”
McGinn T, et al [67] 1 11 PMC “teaches CPRs in applying evidence”
Cramer GD, et al [68] 1 10 Purchase “mechanism of action of spinal manipulation”
Chevan J, et al [69] 1 8 Journal “This article written by PTs cites survey research showing that more LBP patients seek DC services (28%) compared to PT services (11%). Their discussion about the disparities between DCs and PTs is quite revealing.”
Villanueva-Russell Y [14] 1 6 Purchase “helps create professional identity”
Bogduk N [70] 1 3 No online access “This article provides the reader with the [simple] tools to determine if a manuscript provides the necessary information to identify the reliability and validity of diagnostic tests. Chiropractors often adopt tests that they do not determine these characteristics for and need to know how to do this…”
Haneline M [71] 1 0 Purchase “informs the practitioner of what is and what is not evidence-based practice”
  1. PMC = Article available through open access on PubMed Central.
  2. Journal = Article available through open access on journal homepage.
  3. Purchase = Article available for purchase from journal.
  4. Un/Author = Unauthorized posting on Internet website.