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Table 2 COAST Diagnosis/Problem groups and associated ICPC-2 rubrics of these groups

From: Extending ICPC-2 PLUS terminology to develop a classification system specific for the study of chiropractic encounters

Diagnosis/Problem group ICPC-2 rubric
CG101 - OTHER BACK PROBLEM L02 Back symptom/complaint
  L03 Low back symptom/complaint
  L20 Joint symptom/complaint NOS
  L84 Back syndrome without radiating pain
CG102 - MUSCLE PROBLEM L18 Pain, muscle
  L19 Muscle symptom/complaint NOS
CG103 - BACK SYNDROME WITH RADIATING PAIN L86 Back syndrome with radiating pain
  N99 Neurological disease, other
CG104 - HEALTH MAINTENANCE/ PREVENTIVE CARE A98 Health maintenance/preventative medicine
  A31 Check up
CG105 - HEADACHE N01 Headache
  N95 Tension headache
CG106 - NECK PROBLEM L01 Neck symptom/complaint
  L83 Neck syndrome
CG107 - KYPHOSIS & SCOLIOSIS L85 Acquired deformity of spine
CG108 - SHOULDER PROBLEM L08 Shoulder symptom/complaint
  L92 Shoulder syndrome
CG109 - ANKLE PROBLEM L16 Ankle symptom/complaint
  L77 Sprains & strains of ankle
CG110 - DEPRESSION P76 Depressive disorder
CG111 - NERVE RELATED PROBLEM N94 Peripheral neuritis/neuropathy
  N29 Neurological symptom/complaint, other
CG112 - OSTEOARTHROSIS, OTHER (not spine) L91 Osteoarthritis, other
  L89 Osteoarthritis of hip
  L90 Osteoarthritis of knee
CG113 - VERTIGO/DIZZINESS N17 Vertigo/dizziness
  H82 Vertiginous syndromes
CG114 - FEEDING PROBLEM OR IRRITABLE INFANT/CHILD T04 Feeding problem of infant/child
  A16 Irritable infant