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Table 9 Self-reported use of clinical guidelines

From: A survey of Australian chiropractors’ attitudes and beliefs about evidence-based practice and their use of research literature and clinical practice guidelines

  Yes No  
I am aware that practice guidelines are available online (n = 560) 57.7% 42.3%  
I am able to access practice guidelines online (n = 555) 72.3% 27.7%  
  Disagree Neutral Agree
I actively seek practice guidelines pertaining to areas of my practice (n = 561) 26.4% 31.4% 42.3%
I use practice guidelines in my practice (n = 562) 16% 31.5% 52.4%
I am able to incorporate patient preferences with practice guidelines (n = 560) 7.2% 38.4% 54.4%