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Table 4 Differences in provision of treatment interventions across professions

From: Treatment preferences amongst physical therapists and chiropractors for the management of neck pain: results of an international survey

Interventions Physical therapy versus chiropractic significance and direction
Exercise p = 0.01, PT–138 CH–107
Electrotherapeutics No difference
Thermal agents No difference
Phototherapeutics p = 0.00, CH–23 PT–10
Sonic therapeutics No difference
Acupuncture No difference
Manual therapies No difference
Mechanical traction No difference
Orthoses/support devices p = 0.05, PT–53 CH–26
Ergonomic interventions No difference
Work related interventions No difference
Other p = 0.00, PT–29 CH–4
  1. PT = Physical therapist, CH = Chiropractor.