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Table 6 Comparison of evidence in UK evidence report and current review for headache and other conditions

From: Clinical effectiveness of manual therapy for the management of musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal conditions: systematic review and update of UK evidence report

Condition Intervention UK evidence report evidence New/additional evidence New evidence?
   Inconclusive Moderate High Inconclusive Moderate High  
Headache and other         
Cervicogenic headache Spinal manipulation   Positive    Positive   No
  Self-mobilising apophyseal glides   Positive    Positive   No
  Friction massage and trigger points Non-favourable    Non-favourable    No
  Mobilisation Unclear     Positive   Yes
Tension-type headache Spinal manipulation Unclear    Unclear    Yes
  Osteopathic care     Favourable    Yes
  Spinal mobilisation     Favourable    Yes
Miscellaneous headache Mobilisation Favourable     Positive   Yes
Cervicogenic dizziness Self-mobilising apophyseal glides   Positive    Positive   No
  Manipulation/mobilisation     Favourable    Yes
Balance in elderly people Diversified chiropractic care     Unclear    Yes
Fibromyalgia Spinal manipulation Unclear    Unclear    No
  Cranio-sacral therapy Favourable    Favourable    Yes
  Massage-myofascial release therapy Favourable    Favourable    Yes