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Table 5 Consensus items identified during the Delphi process ranked hierarchically in order of importance

From: The first research agenda for the chiropractic profession in Europe

Rank Important Voted most important item (%)1
1 Cost-effectiveness/economic evaluations 34
2 Identification of subgroups likely to respond to treatment 17
3 Initiation and promotion of collaborative research efforts 10
4 Promotion of chiropractors to obtain PhD’s 5
5   i. Dose response and frequency of treatment 2
   ii. Biopsychosocial variables as predictors of outcome 0
   iii. Anatomical &/or neurophysiological basis of chiropractic treatment on MSK pain 7
8 Effects and response of treatment on function and performance 0
9 Establishing clinical research networks throughout Europe 5
10 Prevention of MSK pain in primary and secondary care 7
11 Effects and response of treatment on quality of life 2
12 Effects and response of treatment on MSK pain 5
13 Clinical findings as predictors of outcome 0
14   i. Treatment and effects in adolescents 2
   ii. Prognostic research on the clinical course of MSK pain 0
16 Treatment and effects in a working population, prevention in injured workers 2
17   i. Long-term effects of treatment 0
   ii. Treatment and effects in geriatrics 0
19 Prevalence, incidence and prevention of MSK conditions in a working population 0
  1. Abbreviations: MSK musculoskeletal.
  2. 1Percentage of the participants that voted the given consensus item as most important (i.e. number one priority).
  3. Note: No items were found to be unimportant or of uncertain importance. Items that are indented received equal numbers of votes.