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Table 2 Mean e standard deviation and the results of interactions between groups (ANOVA) pre e post treatment relative intensity according to Fonseca Patient History Index

From: Effects of massage therapy and occlusal splint therapy on electromyographic activity and the intensity of signs and symptoms in individuals with temporomandibular disorder and sleep bruxism: a randomized clinical trial

  Treatment (Mean ± SD) ANOVA
Groups Pre Post Interactions F P
MG 67±12,5 50,33 ±10,76a Treatment (Pré x Post) 32,41 <0,0001
COSG 52 ±15,44 44 ±13,78a Groups (MG x COSG x MCOSG x SOSG) 8,88 <0,0001
MCOSG 54,33±21,03 29,33±10,83a,b    
SOSG 56±16,16 59,33±13,21    
  1. aSignificant difference between pre e post treatment (ANOVA, Bonferroni corrections).
  2. bSignificant difference between groups MCOSG > MG, COSG, SOSG (Test post hoc de Tukey).