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Table 6 Cross-tabulation of cluster membership

From: Could the clinical interpretability of subgroups detected using clustering methods be improved by using a novel two-stage approach?

  Two-stage clustering
  Subgroup 1 Subgroup 2
  Uncertain of cause and fearful, but not heart-related - with local thoracic 5/6 palpation findings. Believes pain to be heart- or musculoskeletal-related with crushing pain, and local thoracic 2/3 signs and pectoral tenderness.
Single stage clustering   
Subgroup 1   
Low activity limitation, high fear, few palpation findings 173 13
Subgroup 2   
Typical and atypical angina, short episode, pectoral tenderness 9 144
Subgroup 3   
No palpation findings 64  
Subgroup 4   
Female, high fear, diffuse anterior tenderness 44 16
Subgroup 5   
Typical angina, short episode, high activity limitation, pectoral tenderness 5 35