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Table 13 Accuracy Summary – Musculoskeletal Clinical Indications for the use of Diagnostic Ultrasound for the Wrist/Hand Region

From: The accuracy of diagnostic ultrasound imaging for musculoskeletal soft tissue pathology of the extremities: a comprehensive review of the literature

Target Condition Recommendation
Tendons and soft tissue Grade
 de Quervains 3
 Ganglion cyst 3
 Lunotriquetral ligament injury 2
 Ulnar collateral ligament (displaced) 2
 Ulnar collateral ligament (non-displaced) 2
 Scapholunate ligament injury 1
 TFCC injury 1
 Intersection syndrome Unknown
 Rugby/jersey finger Unknown
 Trigger finger Unknown
 Other tendinopathy Unknown
 Carpal tunnel syndrome 2
 Guyons canal neuropathy Unknown
 Wartenberg syndrome Unknown
  1. TFCC triangular fibrocartilage complex
  2. Unknown: No diagnostic accuracy studies found
  3. Grade 0: Not indicated
  4. Grade 1: Conflicting evidence (test results should be interpreted with caution)
  5. Grade 2: Equivalent to other imaging techniques (other techniques might provide significant information)
  6. Grade 3: First choice technique (other techniques rarely provide more information)