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Table 16 Accuracy of MSK-DUSI for detecting soft tissue pathology of the hip

From: The accuracy of diagnostic ultrasound imaging for musculoskeletal soft tissue pathology of the extremities: a comprehensive review of the literature

Target Condition Study Reference Standard Sensitivity Specificity LR+ LR-
  Systematic Review      
Gluteal Tendon Tear Westacott 2011 [99] MRI 0.79–1.00 0.95–1.00 15.8–∞ 0.00–0.21
  Diagnostic Study      
Trochanteric bursitis Fearon 2010 [100] Surgical findings and histology 0.69 1.00 - 0.31
LFC/MP Suh 2013 [101] Clinical and NCS 0.96 0.96 24.0 0.04
  1. LFT/MP lateral femoral cutaneous/meralgia paresthetica