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Table 18 Identified clinical conditions of the knee

From: The accuracy of diagnostic ultrasound imaging for musculoskeletal soft tissue pathology of the extremities: a comprehensive review of the literature

Identified clinical conditions of the knee Relevant studies found (Yes/No)
Quadriceps tendon injury Y
Patella tendon injury Y
Popliteus tendon injury Y
Anterior cruciate ligament injury Y
Lateral collateral ligament injury Y
Plica syndrome Y
Baker’s cyst Y
Meniscal tears Y
Meniscal cyst Y
Common peroneal neuropathy Y
Bursitis N
Ganglion N
Iliotibial band friction syndrome N
Hoffer’s fat pad syndrome N
Retinacula pathology N
Medial collateral ligament injury N
Posterior cruciate ligament injury N
Hamstring injury N
Gastrocnemius injury N