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Table 3 Comparison of common competency domains of CCEs

From: Similarities and differences of graduate entry-level competencies of chiropractic councils on education: a systematic review

Major elements/ domains of competency CCE-USA CCE-Aust ECC-Europe CCE-Canada
History taking X X X X
Physical exam X X X X
Neuromusculoskeletal exam   X   X
Psychosocial assessment + cultural gender ethnic diversities   X X X
Diagnostic studies- interpret clinical laboratory findings and diagnostic imaging of NMSK X X X X
Diagnosis & differential diagnosis X X X X
Case management/Referral X X X X
Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation skill, competent care X X X X
Emergency care   X   X
Case follow-up and review X X   X
Record keeping X X   X
Doctor-patient relationship/communication X X X X
Professional issues/continuing education/Sound business practice/ethical practice X X X X
Other therapeutic procedures X X X X
Public health and community interaction* X X X  
Health care system interaction*   X X  
Professional interaction* X X X  
Staff and financial management*   X   
Information and technology** X    
  1. Indicates domains from other than CCE-Canada* CCEA** CCE-USA