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Table 2 Combinations of Interventions in Multimodal Care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Reported in Scientifically Admissible Randomized Controlled Trials, 1990–2015a,b

From: Multimodal care for the management of musculoskeletal disorders of the elbow, forearm, wrist and hand: a systematic review by the Ontario Protocol for Traffic Injury Management (OPTIMa) Collaboration

     Education Exercise Manual Therapy    Soft Tissue Therapy Acupuncture Passive Modalities   Surgery
Author, Year Treatment Provider Number of Visits Treatment Period (weeks)    Manipulation Mobilisation Traction    Ultrasound Splint  
Jarvik [61] GP, HTc 30 12        
Surgeon, HTd UK UK          
  1. aEmpty cells indicate that the intervention component was not provided in the treatment arm
  2. bTable includes only modalities reported in scientifically admissible studies
  3. Acronyms: GP general practitioner, HT hand therapist
  4. cSuperior multimodal programs of care; dInferior multimodal programs of care