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Table 3 Frequencies of CONSORT for Non-Pharmacological Treatment statement items from customised overall quality of reporting checklist (N = 35)

From: Quality of reporting of randomised controlled trials in chiropractic using the CONSORT checklist

Item Criterion CONSORT Description Total %
1ext Abstract Does abstract include-description of the experimental treatment, comparator, care providers, centers, and blinding status 11 31
3ext Methods When applicable, eligibility criteria for centers and those performing the interventions (at least one) 13 37
4aext Interventions Description of the different components of the interventions and, when applicable, descriptions of the procedure for tailoring the interventions to individual participants 29 83
4bext   Details of how the interventions were standardised (if training was administered) 11 31
4cext   Details of how adherence of care providers with the protocol was assessed or enhanced 1 3
8ext Randomization When applicable, how care providers were allocated to each trial group 11 31
13ext Flow Diagram The number of care providers or centers performing the intervention in each group and the number of patients treated by each care provider or in each center 3 9
New Item   Details of the experimental treatment and comparator as they were implemented 8 23
15ext Baseline data Description of care providers (case volume, qualification, expertise, etc.) and centers 8 23
  1. Legend: Total: Total number of trials reporting item; %: Percentage of trials reporting item; ext: extension criteria from CONSORT for Non-Pharmacological Treatments