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Table 2 Comparison among CCEs of use of the term research

From: How comprehensively is evidence-based practice represented in councils on chiropractic education (CCE) educational standards: a systematic audit

Research statement CCE-Aust CCE-Can CCE-Euro CCE-Int CCE-USA
Must teach research inquiry & scientific method X X X X X
Processes/policy that recognises, develops, supports staff research X   X   X
Establish research programs X X X X X
Provide adequate time/space/finances/resources X   X   X
Create an environment which encourages/facilitates research X X X   X
Adhere to ethics/highest standards of research conduct X X X X X
Written policies protecting human/animal subjects X X   X X
Staff development to include research X   X   X
Research must inform chiropractic practice    X   X
Research must inform/interaction with education/teaching X   X   X
Evidence its contribution to body of research X X    X
Establish objectives for research   X    X
Students to conduct research projects X   X X X
Students trained in research methods X X X X  
Students to be encourage & prepare for engagement in research X   X   x
Students have post grad research opportunities X     
Encourage students to gain research experience X   X   X
Compile evidence of contribution to profession X X   X x
Provide research active staff who supervise students    X   X
Research with other health sectors    X X  
Must research the field of chiropractic   X   X  
Be meaningful research & highest possible quality      X
  1. “X” denotes the presence of the word research in the CCE educational standards in the specified context