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Table 2 Criteria used to define injury and overuse injuries in nine studies on overuse injuries of the extremities in children and adolescents

From: Association between sports type and overuse injuries of extremities in children and adolescents: a systematic review

Sports Authors year Criteria for injury Criteria for classified injury as overuse
Sport-related Complaint Time-loss Medical attention Repeated microtrauma No single, identifiable cause Activity exceeds tissus tolerance Gradual onset Other
Soccer Soderman 2001 [12] X   X    X   X  
Soligard 2008 [13] X   X    X   X  
Le Gall 2008 [14] X X X   X     
Handball Wedderkopp 1999 [17] X   X       Classified traumatic or and overuse injury from the diagnosis: for example tendinitis being overuse injury and a sprain being an acute traumatic injury.
Orienteering Johansson 1986 [18] X   X      X  
Running Tenforde 2011 [19]          No definition at all but they called their injury “overuse injuries”
Dance Leanderson 2011 [20]     X      “Traumatic injuries in case the pain result of a defined trauma. All other injuries were deemed to be caused by overuse.
Gymnastics Caine 2003 [15] X   X      X  
Lindner 1990 [16] X X X      X