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Table 1 Systematic reviews on manual therapy in patients with CR

From: Effectiveness of manual therapy for cervical radiculopathy, a review

Author, year; included studies Review conclusion
Boyles, [11];
Cleland [16]; Persson [17]; Ragonese [18]; Young [19] Using manual therapy techniques in conjunction with therapeutic exercise is effective in regard to increasing function, as well as AROM, while decreasing levels of pain and disability.
Rodine, [12];
BenEliyahu [22]; Howe [20]; Murphy [20] Currently, randomized trials in the field of CR are lacking. Despite this, existing literature does provide support for the cautious application of (chiropractic) HVLA procedures in cases of confirmed or suspected CR.
  1. AROM Active Range of Motion, HVLA High Velocity Low Amplitude