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Table 3 Systematic reviews including manual therapy in the treatment of patients with CR

From: Effectiveness of manual therapy for cervical radiculopathy, a review

Author, year; included studies using manual therapies Review conclusion
Salt, [33];
Allison [30]; Coppieters [39]; Howe 1985; Walker [31]; Ragonese [18] There is inconclusive evidence for the effectiveness of noninvasive management of cervicobrachial pain. Potential benefits were indicated in the provision of manual therapy and exercise approaches to reduce pain. Traction was no more effective than comparators in reducing pain. Effects of non-invasive management on function and disability were mixed.
Thoomes, [34];
Persson [17]; Ragonese [18]; Young [19] On the basis of low-level to very low-level evidence, no 1 conservative intervention seemed to be superior or consistently more effective than other interventions.