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Table 3 Descriptions used by CCEs of the three selected representative domains of “Mission, goals, vision, objectives”, “Resources”, “Faculty/Academic staff”

From: Similarities and differences of a selection of key accreditation standards between chiropractic councils on education: a systematic review

Educational Standard : Mission/goals/vision/objectives WFME CCE-Aust CCE-Can ECC-Euro CCE-Int CCE-USA
Provide/define a mission/goal/objective statement X X X X X X
Based on input by stakeholders   X     
Made known/available to all stakeholders X X   X   X
Describe the desired graduate as competent primary contact practitioner X X X X   
 as a safe practitioner X    X   
 as able to work with other practitioners/health care environment X X   X X  
 competent to diagnose and care for the patient X X   X X X
Statement be used as a standard for self-evaluation       X
Include research related to chiropractic (medicine for WFME) X X X   X X
Should include social responsibility/service to the community X X X   X  
Committed to life-long learning X X   X   
Prepared and ready for post graduate education X X     
Include social accountability X X     
Educational Standard : Resources WFME CCE-Aust CCE-Can CCE-Euro CCE-Int CCE-USA
 Student Teaching Clinic
   Expectation of providing a student teaching clinic X X X X X X
   Must be appropriately resourced X X X X X X
   Clear and identifiable policies/evidence of       
    Patient centred care   X     
    Appropriate case mix X X X X   
    Meet all legal requirements    X    
    All teaching facilities approved by the “program”   X X X   X
    Focused on comprehensive and appropriate care X X X X   
    Mechanisms to determine any patient care deficiencies X X X    X
 Show proof that the clinics meet the mission / objective statements   X X X   X
 Provide sufficient supervision X X X X   X
 Evaluate, adapt, improve facilities for clinical training to meet population it serves X      
 Adequate & stable finances to support program meet goals/mission X X   X X X
 Must be audited    X    
 Fair & equitable refund policy    X    
 Length of financial stability   5 years 1 year 5 years 5 years Long term
 Budgetary autonomy X X   X   X
 Meet legal requirements    X   X  
 Budgetary autonomy X      
 Budgetary transparency X      
Library & Learning Resources
 Adequate support for learning resources to support program goals/objectives X X X X X X
 Access to learning resources X    X X X
 Adequate for teaching and research X    X   
 A safe learning environment X      
Information Technology (I.T.)
 Provide I.T. facilities X X X X   X
 Sufficient to deliver the curriculum X X X X   X
 Ensure access to web-based or other electronic media X      
 Effective, ethical, evaluation of appropriate IT and communication technology X      
 I.T. used for independent learning, managing patients, work in health care systems X      
Physical Facilities
 Provide adequate assets (human & systems) for goals/objectives X X X X X X
 Meet legal requirements   X X X   
Instructional Aids & Equipment
 Clinic equipment sufficient to meet objectives   X X X X X
 Students obtain acceptable knowledge & skills of standard diagnostic & therapeutic equipment   X   X X  
Educational Standard : Faculty/Academic staff WFME CCE-Aust CCE-Can ECC-Euro CCE-Int CCE-USA
Appropriately qualified & experienced staff (WFME highly qualified) X X X X X X
Staff should be able to develop, deliver, monitor courses & curricula X X   X   X
Stable academic staff   X X X X X
Balance between chiropractic & non-chiropractic staff (medical/non-medical WFME) X X   X   
Balance between F/T and P/T faculty X    X   X
Minimum chiropractic qualification of 3 years F/T work experience & currently registered N/A X Phd X-Phd X X X
Induction procedures for new staff   X   X   
Staff professional development X X X X   X
Appropriate administrative staff to support implementation of program X X X X   X
Regular reviews of staff/management/administrative staff X X X X   X
Criteria for the balance between teaching/research/service functions X      
Ensure sufficient knowledge of staff of the total curriculum X      
Design & implement a staff promotion policy X   X    X
Take into account staff – student ratios X X X X X X
Educational Standard : Educational Program/Curriculum WFME CCE-Aust CCE-Can ECC-Euro CCE-Int CCE-USA
Curriculum should be consistent with program objectives X X   X   
Length of course   10 semesters 4,200 h 300 ECTS   4,200 h
Clinical training length 1/3 total program    1 year   A portion
Number of new Patient encounters for student to graduate   50 35 35   
Number of X-rays studies   60 35    
Number of patient treatments   300 250    
Clinical laboratory tests   25