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Table 5 Subject lists expected to be part of chiropractic program curriculum in CCE educational standards

From: Similarities and differences of a selection of key accreditation standards between chiropractic councils on education: a systematic review

Fundamental knowledge of health sciences X     X  
Normal & abnormal patho-physiology of NMSK system X     X  
Basic Sciences       
Anatomy X X X X   X
Biochemistry X X X X   X
Biophysics   X   X   
Genetics X X   X   
Immunology X X   X   
Microbiology X X X X   X
Neurology X X X X   X
Molecular & cell biology X X X X   
Pathology X X X X   X
Physiology X X X X   X
Public health X X X X   
Clinical sciences       
Adjustive technique N/A X X X X X
Biostatistics X   X    
Biopsychosocial model of pain X    X   
Biomechanics   X X X X X
Chiropractic history N/A    X   
Clinical decision making X      X
Diagnostic imaging procedures   X X X X  
Dermatology X X X    
Epidemiology X   X    
Ergonomics   X     
Extremity adjusting N/A      X
First aid & emergency procedures X X     X
Geriatrics X X X    
Gynaecology X X X    
Legal aspects of practice X    X   
Mental health assessment X X     
Nutrition / dietetics   X X X   X
Obstetrics X X X    
Ophthalmology X X     
Oral & written communication skills X    X   
Organ systems X      X
Orthopaedics X X X X X X
Otolaryngology X X X    X
Pain management X    X   
Paediatrics X X X    
Patient management (active & patient centred) X    X   X
Pharmacology X X   X   
Physical, clinical & laboratory diagnosis X X X X X X
Psychology X   X    
Practice ethics X X     
Practice management   X   X   
Principles & practice of chiropractic N/A   X    
Professional practice ethics & interprofessional collaboration X   X    
Reflective practice skills     X   
Research methods & procedures X   X   X  
Rehabilitation & therapeutic modalities X X   X X X
Sociology X   X    
Special populations     X   
Spinal analysis N/A X X X   X
Toxicology       X
Wellness       X