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Table 4 Barriers to Indigenous patients seeking chiropractic care

From: Chiropractors` experience and readiness to work in Indigenous Australian Communities: a preliminary cross-sectional survey to explore preparedness, perceived barriers and facilitators for chiropractors practising cross-culturally

Process Issues
Lack of knowledge about chiropractic in Indigenous community
Community Issues
Lived experience of institutionalised racism
Examples of Comments
1 Cost of treatment Location of Indigenous people/clinicians Poor understanding in all communities re chiropractic Reluctance of Indigenous patient/s to approach unknown clinician/clinic
2 Funding arrangements Distance Lack of awareness Cultural rules of potential patients
3 Poor referring system Reliable service in rural locations No history of treatment in community/family Fear of being treated in a manner that goes against cultural rules
4 Lack of proper equipment Limited public transport   Fear of being treated badly
5 Time poor    
  1. (n = 112)
  2. (Note: Bold text refers to themes and text below refers to codes that were used to construct themes)