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Table 3 CAM Beliefs of Chiropractic students

From: Knowledge, attitude, influences and use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among chiropractic and nursing students

Statement Mean[1–7], SD
A patient’s expectations, health beliefs and values should be integrated into the patient care process. 5.91 (1.36)
Complementary and alternative therapies include ideas and methods from which conventional medicine could benefit. 5.17 (1.42)
The body is essentially self-healing and the task of a health care provider is to assist in the healing process 5.04 (1.4)
A patient’s symptoms should be regarded as a manifestation of a general imbalance or dysfunction affecting the whole body 4.48 (1.54)
Most complementary and alternative therapies stimulate the body’s natural therapeutic powers. 4.3 (1.57)
Treatments not tested in a scientifically recognized manner should be discouraged. 3.92 (1.84)
Health and disease are a reflection of balance between positive life-enhancing forces and negative destructive forces. 3.78 (1.78)
The physical and mental health is maintained by an underlying energy or vital force. 3.76 (1.72)
Effects of complementary and alternative therapies are usually the result of a placebo effect 2.94 (1.45)