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Table 3 Research sub-themes not considered important by the Delphi panel, grouped by research themes

From: Research priorities of the Canadian chiropractic profession: a consensus study using a modified Delphi technique

Research sub-theme Percentage of panel rating sub-theme as important in Delphi Round 3
Basic Science
 Biomechanical mechanisms and effects of spinal manipulative therapy 57%
 Physiology of spinal pain 44%
 Mechanisms of musculoskeletal disorders 33%
 Mechanisms and effects of adjunct therapies 13%
Clinical research
 Identification of clinical sub-groups 63%
 Patient satisfaction and expectations 63%
 Dose-response of spinal manipulative therapy 57%
 Maintenance/prevention care 57%
 Development of outcome measures 49%
 Effects of chiropractic care for non-musculoskeletal conditions 33%
 Diagnostic testing of spinal conditions 33%
 Chiropractic care for mental health 9%
Health systems research
 Access and barriers to chiropractic care 58%
 Practice patterns, practice behaviours, and guideline implementation 55%
 Third-party payers 46%
 Chiropractic care versus other care 40%
 Models of chiropractic care 34%
 Chiropractic education/training 26%
Population health research
 Patient priorities 57%
 Musculoskeletal population health 54%
 Chiropractic care for special populations 33%
 Management of comorbidities 28%
 Determinants of health 19%