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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Manual therapy for chronic migraine: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial study protocol

Inclusion Criteria
• Females over 18 years of age
• A good command of English (to enable informed consent)
• Existing patients with chronic migraine as diagnosed by a clinical interview with a neurologist in line with the International Classification of Headache Diagnosis criteria (ICHD)
• Undergoing care as usual from the neurologist
• Must have had at least one cycle of treatment from neurologist and not be a new patient
Exclusion Criteria
• Currently having or had manual therapy to the neck or shoulder in the previous six weeks.
• A new patient without any existing management by neurologist
• Having a condition contraindicated for manual therapy including, but not limited to, inflammatory disorders, severe osteoporosis and tumours.
• Identification of any medical ‘red flags’ by the neurologist.
• Evidence of any central nervous system involvement for example:
 o Facial palsy (presence of ptosis/Horner’s syndrome)
 o Visual disturbance (presence of blurred vision, diplopia, hemianopia)
 o Speech disturbance (presence of dysarthria, dysphonia, dysphasia such as expressive or receptive)
 o Balance disturbance (presence of dizziness, imbalance, unsteadiness, falls)
 o Paraesthesia (presence, location such as upper limb/lower limb, face)
 o Weakness (presence, location such as upper limb/lower limb)
 o Known major psychiatric or psychological conditions not under control