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Table 1 Which ONE of the following best describes the predominant view you have of the conditions you treat?

From: The shape of chiropractic in Europe: a cross sectional survey of chiropractor’s beliefs and practice

1. I treat musculoskeletal and neuromusculoskeletal problems and include specific disorders such as but not limited low back and neck related pain.
2. I treat the broadest spectrum of health concerns and may include lifestyle and wellness issues.
3. I treat vertebral subluxation as a somatic joint dysfunction and/or related to functional or musculoskeletal problems.
4. I treat a combination of biomechanical and organic/visceral complaints.
5. I treat vertebral subluxation as an encumbrance to the expression of health - vertebral subluxation is seen as an entity in and of itself, which is corrected to benefit patient well-being.