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Table 1 Descriptive statistics, agreement, and reliability of the Vicon and Captury systems when measuring jump height and length

From: Concurrent validity of lower extremity kinematics and jump characteristics captured in pre-school children by a markerless 3D motion capture system

  Descriptive Statistics Agreement and Reliability
Variable System min mean max SD LLoA MD ULoA ICC(2,1) A ICC(2,1) C
Jump Height Vicon −1.3a 7.4 16.4 4.0 −3.8 −0.8 2.2 0.91 [0.69;0.99] 0.93 [0.76;0.99]
Captury −1.8a 8.2 17.7 4.6
Jump Length Vicon 27.8 77.4 122.2 27.8 −6.6 −0.7 5.2 0.99 [0.98;1.00] 0.99 [0.99;1.00]
Captury 26.0 78.4 124.6 27.3
  1. All values except intraclass correlations are in centimeters.
  2. Note: min minimum, max maximum, SD standard deviation, LLoA lower limit of agreement, MD mean difference, ULoA upper limit of agreement, ICC (2,1) A intraclass correlation of absolute agreement, ICC (2,1) C intraclass correlation of consistency of agreement. 95% confidence intervals are presented in square brackets
  3. aJump height was calculated as the difference in height between the averaged position of the hip joints centers at the highest position of the jump and at toe off. This value will be negative if the subject has already begun descent at the first frame of the air phase