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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria with their respective time points

From: Effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation versus sham manipulation on recurrent headaches in children aged 7–14 years, Protocol for a randomized clinical trial

Inclusion criteria Time point for checking*
7–14 years old 1
at least one episode of headache per week for at least half a year prior to the pre-treatment period 2
At least one musculoskeletal dysfunction identified by the primary investigator as a movement restriction in one or more of the joints suitable for chiropractic manipulation treatment at the time of the initial screening. 3
written informed consent from the holder(s) of custody 1
a mobile telephone in the family and ability to report weekly headache data 1
ability to read and speak Danish at an adequate level to comply with study requirements 2
Exclusion criteria
contraindications for joint manipulation (Additional file 3) 3
receiving any treatment by a health care professional for headache within the last three months. The only exception being prescription pain medication 2
failure to report baseline data during four weeks prior to randomization 2
  1. *Time points for checking inclusion and exclusion criteria: 1 = prior to start of four weeks pretreatment period; 2 = prior to screening visit; 3 = at screening visit