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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Implementation strategies, and barriers and facilitators for implementation of physical activity at work: a scoping review

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Participants: age 18+, employed Participants: age under 18, unemployed
Content: Content:
 Intervention: Implementation of physical activity at workplaces:  Intervention: Implementation of other kinds of “Employee health”:
  Physical training   Ergonomics
  Physical exercises   Active transport to/from work
  Exercise   Promotion of health, e.g., via e-mail
  “Active breaks”   Diet
  Flexibility and mobility exercises   Smoking
 Outcome:   Alcohol
  Any kind of evaluation of the implementation process. Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods   Psychological work environment
  “Return-to-work” interventions
  “Sickness absence management”
  Occupational safety
  Walking/walking on stairs
  No evaluation of the implementation process
Context: Any kind of workplace Context: Other than workplaces
Type of publication: All types
Year of publication: After 2008
Languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian
  1. The development of the inclusion and exclusion criteria was guided by Joanna Briggs Institute: Reviewer’s Manual, chapter 11.2.4 on inclusion criteria in scoping reviews [28]