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Table 1 Inclusion criteria

From: Outcomes and outcomes measurements used in intervention studies of pelvic girdle pain and lumbopelvic pain: a systematic review

Population Women with PGP during or after pregnancy. PGP is defined as pain between the posterior iliac crest and the inferior gluteal fold, particularly in the vicinity of the sacroiliac joints, that may radiate in the posterior thigh and can occur in conjunction with or separately in the symphysis pubis [1]. Studies that examined a population of women with PGP resulting from specific pathologies (e.g. infection, spondyloarthropathies and trauma) were excluded.
Intervention Any intervention (pharmacological or non-pharmacological) aimed to treat/prevent PGP.
Comparator Any comparator intervention or control.
Outcome Any outcome measured to assess/monitor PGP.
Study design Intervention studies (randomised or non-randomised), systematic reviews of interventions.