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Table 3 Scale mean values segmented by respondents who have joined or not joined an association

From: Chiropractic students’ perceptions of barriers and facilitators to joining a professional association”

ScaleMean* (SD) Joined Association Mean* (SD) Not Joined AssociationScaleMean* (SD) Joined AssociationMean* (SD) Not Joined Association
Development of the profession4.39 (0.50)4.13 (0.61)Perceived reputation3.57 (0.82)3.39 (0.82)
Intra-professional communication3.12 (1.12)3.12 (1.10)Personal values2.52 (0.87)2.58 (0.88)
Practice development4.26 (0.69)4.19 (0.72)Networking3.69 (0.73)3.71 (0.74)
  1. *Note that mean values have been divided by number of items within a scale to facilitate comparisons, but standard deviations remain unaltered