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Table 1 Professionals’ characteristics

From: Professional barriers and facilitators to using stratified care approaches for managing non-specific low back pain: a qualitative study with Canadian physiotherapists and chiropractors

CharacteristicsPhysical therapists (N = 14)Chiropractors (N = 13)
Age39.3 years (SD ± 7.97)41.8 (SD ± 9.04)
Gender (n (%))
 Male5 (35.7)11 (84.6)
 Female9 (64.3)2 (15.4)
Highest level of education
 Diploma Program  
 Undergraduate Degree810
 Master Degree53
 PhD Degree  
Clinical experience (years)14.8 (SD ± 8.9)14.8 (SD ± 10.2)
Current employment status
Practice type /workplace?
 Solo practice32
 Group practice1111
Clinical setting
 Multidisciplinary health care center46
 Rehabilitation center1
Socioeconomic status (SES) of managed patients (on average)
 Mostly high SES47
 Middle SES95
 Mostly low SES11
Practice location
 Urban area77
 Suburban area56
 Rural area2
Average total number of patients (new and regular visit) per week3967
Average total number of LBP patients (new and regular visit) per week1334
Average number of NEW cases of LBP per week32
  1. amore than 16 hours in patient- contact hours; b less than 16 hours in patient- contact hours; LBP low back pain