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Table 2 Results of Categorical Survey Questions on Clinical Presentation, Treatment Methods, Treatment Outcome and Other Service Use

From: Chiropractic treatment of older adults with neck pain with or without headache or dizziness: analysis of 288 Australian chiropractors’ self-reported views

 n (%)
Most common headache in older adult patients with neck paina
 Cervicogenic headache210 (79.55)
 Tension-type headache49 (18.56)
 Medication overuse headache3 (1.14)
 Migraine1 (0.38)
Treatment/s typically used to treat older adult patients with neck painb,c
 Adjustment/manipulation of thoracic spine209 (81.96)
 Activator adjustment of neck197 (77.25)
 Massage of neck (including trigger point therapy, Nimmo)195 (76.47)
 Manual neck adjustment/manipulation173 (67.84)
 Mobilisation of neck164 (64.31)
 Stretching exercises149 (58.43)
 Passive stretching of neck (including traction)141 (55.29)
 Heat/cold application78 (30.59)
 Other75 (29.41)
 Drop-piece (Thompson) adjustments of neck47 (18.43)
 Over-the-counter analgesics and/or anti-inflammatories31 (12.16)
 Upper cervical toggle recoil adjustment31 (12.16)
 Ultrasound/Interferential13 (5.10)
Typical response of dizziness to treatment (in older adult patients with neck pain who also have dizziness)b
 No response4 (1.57)
 Mild35 (13.73)
 Moderate146 (57.25)
 Excellent70 (27.45)
Services used by older adult patients with neck pain (in addition to chiropractic care)b,c
 Over-the-counter analgesics and/or anti-inflammatories210 (82.35)
 Massage (by a massage therapist)168 (65.88)
 Prescription medications (for pain or inflammation)166 (65.10)
 Physiotherapy114 (44.71)
 Acupuncture/Dry-needling84 (32.94)
 Other15 (5.88)
  1. aN = 264, bN = 255, cCategories are not independent (i.e., respondents could select as many options as applicable)